Andrew Romans discussed his book, Masters of Corporate Venture Capital: Collective Wisdom from 50 VCs Best Practices for Corporate Venturing, at MOI Global’s Meet-the-Author Summer Forum 2019. Andrew is General Partner of Rubicon Venture Capital and 7BC Venture Capital.

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About the book:

Andrew Romans captured wisdom from interviews with 100+ Corporate Venture Capitalists (CVCs), independent VCs, CEOs of startups, bankers and lawyers to write the definitive book on the topic of CVC. Masters of Corporate Venture Capital is packed with invaluable advice about how to best raise capital from CVCs, unlock synergies of partnering startups with large corporations for rapid international growth and avoid potential disasters and other dangers related to CVC.

More than 20% of all Venture Capital financings include at least one CVC and thus startups need to understand this previously misunderstood area of funding.

Corporations need to establish their own CVC arms to access external innovation and learn how to bring this inside via VC investing, partnerships and M&A. We work in a very complex ecosystem and this book captures stories that bring the complexity to life with simple lessons.

About the author:

Andrew Romans is a successful VC, VC-backed entrepreneur, author of Masters of Blockchain, Masters of Corporate Venture Capital, and The Entrepreneurial Bible to Venture Capital: Inside Secrets from the Leaders in the Startup Game, former tech VC and M&A investment banker, cofounder of an angel group, CEO and General Partner of AI, fintech and blockchain-focused VC 7BC.VC and General Partner of tech VC Rubicon Venture Capital. Romans raised over $48m for tech startups he founded by the age of 28. Romans founded and raised VC funding for numerous companies and led startups to exits including The Founders Club (VC secondaries and equity exchange fund backed by 42 VCs), Sentito Networks ($58m in VC funding, acquired by Verso Technologies), The Global TeleExchange (raised $50m) and Motive Communications (enterprise sales Europe, NASDAQ IPO). Fluent in English, French & German. MBA, Georgetown University completed on scholarship.