Three Clusters For Quality Investing: Elevators, TIC, Aircraft Engines

While different in nature, we feel there are parallels between thinking about clusters and Charlie Munger’s “mental models”.

Rudi van Niekerk on Temperament, Focus, and Habits in Investing

We are pleased to share an interview with Rudi van Niekerk, founder and fund manager at Desert Lion Capital, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

A Cheat Sheet on Holding Companies for Value Investors

HoldCos fly under the radar of those who focus exclusively on “pure plays” or on quantitative screens of accounting-derived statistics.

Volatility-Based Alpha, Our Framework, and Compounders

The agenda will begin with volatility-based alpha; we’ll move into our process and then discuss our wealth-building compounders.

Best Ideas 2021 Preview: KVH — Transitioning to Subscription Model

KVH Industries made strategic progress in 2020, but results suffered in non-strategic areas and the stock’s performance was flat.

Introducing the ZIPSS: Zillow, IAC, PAR Technology, Stitch Fix, Square

We have been talking a lot internally about a group of holdings we call the “ZIPSS”. This is a group of technology companies …

Best Ideas 2021 Preview: Permanent TSB and Megacable

We will discuss two previously profiled names that appear to offer a “Heads I win a lot, tails I lose little” proposition.

The Unique Ingredient of Haidilao’s Success: Love

The company I’ll discuss at Best Ideas 2021 is Haidilao. This article is an introduction to Zhang Yong, co-founder and chairman.

Best Ideas 2021 Preview: Commodity Company With Attractive Model

If commodity prices average levels of 2019 in 2021 the company trades at a free cash flow yield above 20% or an EV/EBIT below 6x.

On Successful Investing: Start with the Simple Question, “Why?”

Simon Sinek did a great TED Talk in 2009 (the third-most watched TED Talk ever, with over 50 million views) regarding WHY.

Three Stages of My Evolution as an Investor

I hope that you can use this disruption to break stale habits you may have, and drive positive change in your investing process.

A Snapshot of Our Investment Philosophy

We love finding two types of investments: (1) A business which has a great product or service that is in the early days…

Reiterating Robotti & Company’s Value-Based Approach to Investing

There has been a consistent foundation to our approach over the 35 years we have been around, and that is we are unabashed value investors.

Small Cap Value Investing: Why Bother?

Are we in a stock market bubble? I think you first need to define the “market”. During the five years ended in October 2020…

Overview of UnitedHealth: Broadest, Highest-Quality Network in the U.S.

UnitedHealth is the U.S. healthcare behemoth, generating $240 billion in revenue from services that touch more than one in three Americans.

Complexity vs. Simplicity: Surprising Implications for Investors

Complicated pitches with detailed financial models are often perceived as more compelling than simpler pitches based on “napkin math”.

Why We Seek the Company of Long-Term Compounders

Since one cannot predict when a crisis will come along, I’ve found it ideal to remain in the company of “compounding machines”.

Selected Highlights of the Annual Letter of Saber Capital

Our results over the years have been earned by investing in stocks of great businesses when they become temporarily mispriced.

Desai Capital Management: Value Drivers vs. Value Traps

This article is authored by MOI Global instructor A.J. Noronha, partner; equity research & portfolio committee at Desai Capital Management, based in…

Alibaba: Thoughts on Chinese Regulation of Internet Platforms

Given a spike in investor concerns about China regulation, we discuss the changes, the regulatory context, and the impact on Alibaba.

Crossroads Capital Letter: Our Own Link to the Past

Our story begins in Omaha, when a young Warren Buffett set out on a path that would change both his and his investors’ lives.

Timing the Markets: Dow Theory for the 21st Century

Dow Theory is a 120-year old method of timing the US equity markets, first introduced by WSJ editor Charles Dow in 1900.

Q3 Investment Commentary of RGA Investment Advisors: Ignition

It certainly is a bizarre feeling observing the strength in our investment portfolios amidst the backdrop of an unprecedented pandemic.

Rapidly Shifting Business Models in Real Asset Industries

We share some of the best examples of companies that are transitioning their business model to reduce carbon emissions.

Twenty Years After the Original Tech Bubble: Techno Party 2

The market has a range of artificially inflated stocks whose prices must fall 80% before we can have a sensible discussion…

Zalando Investment Thesis: The Fashion Platform of the Future

We have followed the company since before it listed in 2011 and have met with management as well as the two founding investors.

Rational Investing in Today’s Irrational Stock Markets

In this essay, I try to convince the reader that for the active investor, value investing is the only rational (i.e. sensible) way to invest.

TTI: Misunderstood and Overlooked Due to Complex Capital Structure

TETRA Technologies is an oil and gas services company and provider of calcium chloride and bromide products to the industrial market.

Taking a Global Perspective on Investing in South Africa

We are sometimes asked about our view on South Africa from an investment perspective. Local stocks look optically cheap…

The Search for Value, and the Road Ahead

OPF’s portfolio companies have staying power and financial flexibility and are capably managed by “owner-operator” executives.