Six Reasons Why Boutique Investment Managers Outperform

A study in 2018 found that boutique active managers have outperformed both non-boutique peers and indices over the last two decades.

Contrarian Investment Opportunities for Uncertain Times

We consider gold as a unique asset for uncertain times. Gold has greatly outperformed both equities and bonds in inflationary periods.

EIS 2021 Idea Preview: Aalberts — Humanly, Environmentally, Financially

Dutch company Aalberts is involved in attractive end-markets with a strong environmental focus, which the management articulates very well.

Sebastien Lemonnier Highlights His Timeless Investment Principles

It might be interesting to share with you the main investment principles I have gathered since starting my career eighteen years ago.

Disciplined Growth Investing in the Transition to Green Energy

The founder-backed company I’ll highlight is a Norwegian industrials business that has grown from almost nothing in 1995 to NOK 3.5 billion.

Common Sense Is Uncommon: Areas of Concern in a Speculative Market

By 2019 material distortions existed in certain asset prices. This situation has only gotten more extreme. We outline a few areas of concern.

Quarterly Intelligent Cloning Report: The Autumn 2021 Edition

Solid results can be achieved by copying great investors. Don’t try to be the smartest investor around. Start copying the great ones.

Grahamian Investing: How to Reinvent and Reinvigorate Value Investing

While I sympathise with the value investing community, I share Damodaran’s view that it tends to become rigid, ritualistic, and righteous.

European Banks Might Finally Be Ready to Rise From the Ashes

Some 17% of our funds are devoted to banks. We own the UK champions Intesa, BNP, and Lloyds. We also own Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank.

A Change in How Central Bankers Communicate Would Be Beneficial

If central bankers stopped publishing projections and just announced their actions after each meeting, it could bring greater stability.

Christian Billinger on Managing Investment Return Expectations

Christian elaborates on 1) how he arrives at a long-term return expectation of 8-12%, and 2) the benefits of having any expectations at all.

Peter Mantas on Investing at the Frontier of Quantum Computing

We had the pleasure of speaking with Peter Mantas of Logos LP, about intelligent investing in the quantum computing revolution.

Burford Capital: Litigation Financier With Attractive Business Model

This article is excerpted from a letter by Mordechai Yavneh, managing member of Focus Capital Management, based in New York City.

Public Equities in Southeast Asia: An Overlooked Asset Class

Southeast Asia is left behind by equity investors while the outlook is attractive, particularly in a post-trade war and post-Covid world.

Rajeev Agrawal on Key Lessons Learned Over the Past Year

Warren Buffett’s animated series, The Secret Millionaires Club, has a catchy tagline, “The more we learn, the more we earn.”

Post COVID: More Inequality, More Grievances, More Debts

The economic system that has delivered great benefits is at risk of being undermined by the side effects of the system – particularly inequality.

Oakcliff Capital: Reflections After Sixteen Years

We have a simple plan going forward: Keep doing what we do. Having turned $1 into $14 over 16 years, we would like to turn $14 into $100.

Massif Capital Commentary: Growth Markets Meet Tangible Assets

We are enthusiastic and encouraged by the seismic undercurrents in the energy, industrial, and basic material landscape.

Burford Capital: Misunderstood Global Litigation Finance Leader

Burford is a global litigation finance company, which in essence means that they fund and otherwise monetize commercial lawsuits in exchange for a portion of the proceeds received. With their dual-listing in October, Burford now trades both on AIM (the junior London stock exchange) in Great British Pounds (GBP) and on the New York Stock Exchange in US Dollars (USD).

Silicon Motion: Well-Positioned, Firing on All Cylinders

Silicon Motion designs and sells controllers which manage the NAND flash memory ubiquitous in modern computing. Wherever there is NAND flash, there must be a controller, often one from Silicon Motion. SIMO is an ADR (American Depository Receipt) trading on the NASDAQ.

Lindblad: Small-Ship Cruise Company Focused on Expedition Market

Lindblad is a small-ship cruise company focused on the expedition market. Lindblad primarily offers nature-oriented cruises to exotic locales such as Antarctica, the Arctic, the Galápagos Islands, and similar regions. These cruises are more expensive and profitable than the standard fare offered by mainline cruise companies.

Viemed: Healthcare Company With Long-Term Growth Profile

Viemed is a healthcare company operating in the US market. Viemed’s main focus is ventilators, particularly non-invasive ventilators that are provided in the home for late-stage COPD patients. Viemed trades both on the Toronto Stock Exchange in Canadian Dollars (CAD) and on the NASDAQ in US Dollars (USD).

Three Clusters For Quality Investing: Elevators, TIC, Aircraft Engines

While different in nature, we feel there are parallels between thinking about clusters and Charlie Munger’s “mental models”.

Rudi van Niekerk on Temperament, Focus, and Habits in Investing

We are pleased to share an interview with Rudi van Niekerk, founder and fund manager at Desert Lion Capital, based in Cape Town, South Africa.

A Cheat Sheet on Holding Companies for Value Investors

HoldCos fly under the radar of those who focus exclusively on “pure plays” or on quantitative screens of accounting-derived statistics.

Volatility-Based Alpha, Our Framework, and Compounders

The agenda will begin with volatility-based alpha; we’ll move into our process and then discuss our wealth-building compounders.

Best Ideas 2021 Preview: KVH — Transitioning to Subscription Model

KVH Industries made strategic progress in 2020, but results suffered in non-strategic areas and the stock’s performance was flat.

Introducing the ZIPSS: Zillow, IAC, PAR Technology, Stitch Fix, Square

We have been talking a lot internally about a group of holdings we call the “ZIPSS”. This is a group of technology companies …

The Unique Ingredient of Haidilao’s Success: Love

The company I’ll discuss at Best Ideas 2021 is Haidilao. This article is an introduction to Zhang Yong, co-founder and chairman.

Best Ideas 2021 Preview: Commodity Company With Attractive Model

If commodity prices average levels of 2019 in 2021 the company trades at a free cash flow yield above 20% or an EV/EBIT below 6x.