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Through invitation-only events and member publications, MOI Global fosters a community of intelligent investors united by a passion for lifelong learning.

I am pleased to share with you the progress we have made building MOI Global into a unique membership community.

The Manual of Ideas started out more than a decade ago focused on content. As we went out to gather and generate uniquely differentiated content for value-oriented investors, we came to appreciate the tight-knit value investing community that had been developing for many years thanks to a strong nucleus formed by the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting.

We realized this was not only a community of exceptionally gifted and successful investors, but that the vast majority of them were also willing to share with and learn from their peers. We were humbled to have an opportunity to bring the wisdom of investors like Jean-Marie Eveillard, Charles de Vaulx, Tom Gayner, Howard Marks, James Montier, Tom Russo, Mohnish Pabrai, Guy Spier, Murray Stahl, Will Thorndike, Arnold van den Berg, Ed Wachenheim, and Don Yacktman to others in the community. We also saw an opportunity to leverage the internet to help broaden the appeal of value investing beyond its traditional U.S. base.

We call this membership community MOI Global, with The Manual of Ideas constituting one component of the value we bring to members. Other benefits include content shared on this website; curated idea presentations shared via online events such as the Best Ideas conference, Asian Investing Summit, Wide-Moat Investing Summit, European Investing Summit, and Meet-the-Author Summer Forum; as well as offline experiences such as Latticework, Ideaweek, The Zurich Project, The Frankfurt Conversation, Best Ideas Omaha, and member-run local chapter meetings in many cities globally.

All of the above benefits are now available to members of MOI Global (at no incremental membership fee). In the past, our online events (formerly ValueConferences) generated revenue from ticket sales. Now they are not only complimentary to MOI Global members, but they are exclusive to members.

We closed our doors to new members in 2017. We remain closed as we build up the internal resources to delight all of our members. We maintain a waiting list for those interested in membership, and we hope to invite selected high-caliber individuals to join MOI Global in the future.

We strive for MOI Global to be a lifelong companion to our members, regardless of employment status, the market cycle, or other transient factors. If you are going through a tough period, it’s likely other members are either experiencing a similar phase or have done so at some point in the past. By facilitating the right kinds of introductions and interactions, we strive to support members on their personal growth path. Annual events like The Zurich Project and Ideaweek are near-ideal settings for fostering the kinds of exchanges and experiences that can have an enduring positive impact.

Thank you for allowing us to play a constructive role in your journey as an investor. Thank you also for being a part of the MOI Global journey as we pour passion and resources into building a special kind of community.

If you have yet to join MOI Global, read member feedback, learn about the benefits of membership, and apply for waitlisted member status.

Warm regards,

John Mihaljevic, CFA
Chairman, MOI Global

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