Members, Chris Mittleman sheds light on the strategy and outlook for Aimia (TSX: AIM). He also discusses Clear Media (HK: 0100) and AMA Group (AX: AMA).
I like the alignment of interests at Aimia, as it is now the parent of Mittleman Investment Management.

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About to re read one of my favorite books on Investing

The Manual of Ideas by @JMihaljevic. If you haven't read it yet then I highly recommend that you grab a copy

It builds the right mindset for long term investing !

Get it on Amazon : 👇 📚

William Green on His Book, Richer, Wiser, Happier I loved this conversation with @manualofideas about giants like Charlie Munger, @MohnishPabrai, @B3_MillerValue, @TruthGundlach,
@HowardMarksBook, @plountzis, Nick Sleep & Ed Thorp.

An excellent interview by @JMihaljevic for @manualofideas with my friend Bryan Lawrence, a renowned hedge fund manager who rarely gives interviews:

"We are seeing very substantial inflation. We are raising prices, people are raising prices to us. [And it's being accepted.]" --Warren Buffett

Members, if you are interested in understanding the quantum computing revolution, don't miss this conversation with Peter Mantas of @Logos_LP. It is an incredibly insightful take on the trajectory of quantum computing, the risks, and an investment idea.

A fantastic piece on Teledyne founder Henry Singleton, who Buffett described as having "the best operating and capital deployment record in American business."

My key takeaways in the thread below... via @manualofideas

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