I don't invest in funds simply because I enjoy the game too much. But if I did, I would be handing a big chunk of my money to @ElliotTurn right now. Have mad confidence in him as a business analyst, portfolio manager, and steward/fiduciary.

My friend @GSpier is hosting @VALUExZH in Klosters next week. If you will be there, consider yourself very lucky indeed. The group of people Guy brings together is first-rate in every way. (I would love to be there, but personal circumstances are keeping me away, unfortunately.)

I can't wait for in-person events to restart @manualofideas.

The Zurich Project 2022 is from June 7-9.

Then, Latticework, The Frankfurt Conversation, Ideaweek St. Moritz.

I need the incredible boost -- intellectual and psychic -- that I get from engaging with fellow members.

Many libertarians love crypto, but crypto reminds me of communism.


Communism was conceived as a "better way" to organize the rules of human financial interaction.

Yet, crucially, it failed to take into account human nature, as does crypto.

If growth companies with great products are getting hit this hard (e.g., Netflix), just imagine what could happen to cryptocurrencies, which have zero utility in real life.

In our new episode, @pcordway, @ElliotTurn, @JMihaljevic discuss

- investing and life lessons learned from the late Lou Simpson

- Buffett's quote, “Charlie and I would much rather earn a lumpy 15% over time than a smooth 12%.”



Did not think we'd see $TWTR below $40. Down more than 50% from the high (down more in EV terms). Meanwhile, the company continues to execute on monetization (as far as I can tell). The price seems to be narrating the story here, so we'll just have to let the results to come in.

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