In our new episode, @pcordway, @ElliotTurn, @JMihaljevic discuss

David Spiegelhalter on risk and the use (and misuse) of statistics

>90% of stocks are down >10% from YTD highs (>30% for Nasdaq, Russell) even as the indices remain close to highs


Enjoy the new episode of @twiii_podcast!
Co-hosts @ElliotTurn, @pcordway, @JMihaljevic discuss (i) duration, terminal value, and FOMO; and (ii) investing articles and texts that belong in every investor's "re-read" folder.
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Our new episode is out, and it's a special one!

@pcordway hosts @williamgreen72 for a conversation about the book, "Richer, Wiser, Happier: How the World's Greatest Investors Win in Markets and Life".

Lots of great nuggets in this one, so check it out!

Our new episode is out!

Co-hosts @pcordway, @ElliotTurn, @JMihaljevic discuss
(i) confidence vs. overconfidence; and
(ii) idea generation, or how to get to "no" quickly in the investment process.

Sorry for the delay - we hope you'll enjoy this episode!

Season 2 is here!
@pcordway, @ElliotTurn, and @JMihaljevic discuss
(i) why all news seems to be good news in markets, and whether cycles have been dampened;
(ii) the distinction between sound underwriting and position management, as illustrated by Kambi.

What are good examples of asset light, economically sensitive businesses or industries? Ex third party logistics freight, home purchase related services.

Ladies and gentlemen, the one and only @jposhaughnessy. Hope it’s as fun to listen to as it was to record. Jim is a very interesting individual and a great person.

"Grahamian Investing", a thought-provoking post by @mfuggetta via @mfuggetta

[New In-Depth Research] Will global oil demand will taper off due to ESG-related reasons, as the IEA predicts? Read our newest in-depth commentary to find out why this is likely more of a fairy tale than reality: #commodities #financialadvisors

Am a big admirer of Alex Gilchrist's interviewing skills, deep insights and ability to dissect really complex concepts into simple ideas. Thank you @veiled_value and @manualofideas

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