Plenty of headlines to the tune of, "Goodbye Value Investing."

Have seen those before, usually preceding a great period for value.

But just like it's dangerous to say, "this time is different," it's risky to assume it's never different.

So, I don't know.

But I have a hunch.

6 - Worth listening to the conversation in this Podcast Episode with @manualofideas & @jbathgate about various trends in the Capital Cycles of The Chip Making Industry.

The American Journal of Health Behavior has strong views on how money can corrupt the scientific process given it just took $51,000 from Juul to devote an entire issue to pro-vaping studies funded by the company.

$30 million for your own SEC head, that’s even more than the $7+ million Janet Yellen got for doing Zoom calls from home.

One of Yellen’s biggest customers was Citadel, the hedge fund who works with Robinhood.

The financial markets are corrupt & rotten.

Time for disruption.

I've read a lot of regulatory complaints against banks in the past, but this one against Robinhood is pretty bad.

The same people who now happily pay 14x revenue for Microsoft will not be willing to pay 14x earnings for Microsoft in the future.

And they will have clever-sounding reasons for both.

Realized needs a dedicated “give back” page. The best source of insight for people bootstrapping stockpicking funds is those who have already done it. You can share an insight or mistake in 5 minutes that will help others.

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