"We remain particularly excited about some potential upcoming #catalysts which could further boost momentum. As one of many casualties early in the pandemic, M&A activity came to a virtual stand still."

The promise of ESG is that it is an unalloyed good, with companies, investors and society all benefiting from its adoption. I believe that claim is internally inconsistent and at odds with the data.

If anyone has seen a strong argument why the airlines should get bailed out, please send the link. Many industries have jobs at risk. All major airlines have gone through BK before without major disruption. If anything, the sector would be stronger if the debt was restructured.

@BillBrewsterSCG I hope peloton management is reading “the innovation stack” by Jim mckelvey. Square faced amazon trying to destroy them...

@manualofideas Same here, I just did the default without thinking. Those stats can be really creepy and most users are not aware of it.

The #NoTracking movement is picking up steam! (cc @jasonfried @heyhey)

Here are more details on why and how I did it:

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