Phenomenal article/compilation on "The Biggest Mistakes Investors Make". h/t @manualofideas @JMihaljevic 👏

cc: @dmuthuk @Gautam__Baid @saxena_puru

My fav pts in the thread below ⬇️

Fascinating interview with @awilkinson on @manualofideas

New blog post: Thoughts on Mark Leonard's latest letter and why cutting the dividend and reinvesting, even if at lower returns, is the right call. $CSU.TO

Delighted to release a new episode featuring special guest @PenderDave, CEO & PM at @Penderfund. We discuss private vs. public investing; how the concept of value has evolved; and how Dave, @PenderFelix & Team are finding value in fast-growing businesses.

Some light weekend reading is here, courtesy of @ChrisBloomstran 🤓 -- the title is very, very promising, and knowing Chris, I'm sure the letter delivers in spades!

I am grateful and super proud of @EzraCrangle for building an amazing @moiglobal_es community. Ezra has created a wonderful space for Hispanic value investors to share and learn from each other and to tap into the broader @manualofideas community.

@manualofideas has been a life changing community for me. I've made great connections through the community and am a better investor because of what @JMihaljevic and his team do.

Re transcripts - Some shows don't have them yet. They are in process.

Was reminded of this email to Ben Thompson about Roku. Check out the date-a year before I ever owned shares. I forgot about thinking Roku could usurp Netflix as the "integrator"

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