Latticework 2022

On December 13 members will come together at the Yale Club of NYC for the sixth-annual Latticework. The summit has been lauded as a uniquely impactful forum of great minds from the MOI community.

Speakers have included Charles de Vaulx, Tom Gayner, Howard Marks, Michael Mauboussin, Mohnish Pabrai, Tom Russo, Murray Stahl, Will Thorndike, Arnold Van Den Berg, and Ed Wachenheim.

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Latticework 2021 Highlights:

Howard Marks and Chris Goulakos on Tech Disruption and Value Investing

Chris Goulakos and Howard Marks discussed “Tech Disruption and Value Investing in the Digital Age” at Latticework 2021.

Savneet Singh and Scott Miller on Winning in Enterprise Softwaret

Scott Miller and Savneet Singh discussed “Spotting Winners in Tomorrow’s Enterprise Software Ecosystem” at Latticework 2021.

Bryan Lawrence on the Two Challenges Facing a Fund Manager

Bryan R. Lawrence addressed the topic, “How to Generate Great Returns and How to Deliver Them to Clients,” at Latticework 2021.

Michael Mauboussin and Saurabh Madaan on Expectations Investing

Saurabh Madaan and Michael Mauboussin discussed “Expectations Investing as Applied to Growth Businesses” at Latticework 2021.

Nick Devlin and Elliot Turner on the Business Model of Naked Wines

Elliot Turner and Nick Devlin discussed “Naked Wines: Driving Customer Value via Scale Economies Shared” at Latticework 2021.

Peter Mantas on Ideas Driven by Innovation and Societal Tailwinds

Peter Mantas and John Mihaljevic discussed “How Innovation and Societal Tailwinds Create Investment Opportunities” at Latticework 2021.

Dan Lewis and Ram Parameswaran on Disrupting the U.S. Trucking Industry

Ram Parameswaran and Dan Lewis discussed “The U.S. Trucking Industry: A Case Study in Marketplace Economics” at Latticework 2021.

Glenn Surowiec on Value-Oriented Investing on the Right Side of Change

Glenn Surowiec and John Mihaljevic discussed “Investing on the Right Side of Change While Applying Value Principles” at Latticework 2021.

Ho Nam and Rishi Gosalia on a Buffett-Style Venture Philosophy

Rishi Gosalia and Ho Nam discussed “A Venture Approach Inspired by the Philosophy of Warren Buffett” at Latticework 2021.