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We are grateful to members of the MOI Global community for their generosity in sharing wisdom, insights, and ideas with fellow members. We have compiled timeless highlights below.

Curated insights

Advice for aspiring value investors
Idea generation for intelligent investors
Selected book recommendations
The biggest mistakes investors make

Conversations with great investors

Chuck Akre
François Badelon
David Barr
John Burbank
Christopher Davis
Charles de Vaulx
Jean-Marie Eveillard
Tom Gayner
Daniel Gladiš
David Marcus
Howard Marks
Mohnish Pabrai
Francisco García Paramés
Bob Robotti
Chuck Royce
Tom Russo
Adam H. Schwartz
Josh Shores
Guy Spier
Sean Stannard-Stockton
Arnold van den Berg
Ed Wachenheim
Amit Wadhwaney
Don Yacktman

Perspectives on building a great investment firm

Advice for aspiring superinvestors, with GEM
Advice for aspiring superinvestors, with MITIMCo
On manager selection, with Cambridge Associates
On manager selection, with TIFF
The art of portfolio construction, with Michael van Biema
The business of investing, with Howard Marks
The mistake of trying to go big, with Jim Roumell
The psychology of investing, with Guy Spier

Public company perspectives

Business and investing lessons, with Fernando del Pino
Indispensable drivers of compounding, with Tom Gayner
Henry Singleton and value creation, with John Mihaljevic
Companies that do capital allocation right, with Phil Ordway
Traits and approaches of “outsider” CEOs, with Will Thorndike
Lessons learned as a public company director, with Tim Yates

Wide-moat investing

On moats, with Pat Dorsey
The durability of brands, with Tom Russo
The logarithmic path to wisdom, with Christopher Begg

Small- and micro-cap investing

Searching for organic compounders, with Daniel Baldini
Concentrated, active value investing, with David Nierenberg

Investment process

Investing, fast and slow, with Phil Ordway
On checklists, with Mohnish Pabrai, Michael Shearn, and Guy Spier
On investment strategy, with Michael Mauboussin
On the evolution of value investing, with Bruce Greenwald

Living a life of value

On philanthropy, with Mohnish Pabrai
The power of “thank you”, with Guy Spier
Compounding goodwill, with Guy Spier

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