Samuel Weber, based in Zug, Switzerland, shared his perspective during a Q&A session at our special event, Intelligent Investing in Crisis Mode 2020.

In addition to providing his general insights into the investment environment, Samuel shared his assessment of Lanxess (Germany: LXS) and updated his investment thesis on Deutsche Bank (NYSE: DB). Samuel had presented his in-depth thesis on Deutsche Bank at European Investing Summit 2017.

Listen to this session (recorded on March 17, 2020):

audio recording

About the instructor:

Samuel S. Weber is an independent wealth manager based in Zug, Switzerland. He is a passionate value investor, who is focused on generating long-term, market beating returns by investing in high-quality opportunities in the stock market and providing patient capital to SMEs with the overall aim of fostering productive investments in Switzerland and Europe. To achieve the latter, he founded the SW Kapitalpartner GmbH ( Samuel holds a master’s degree in strategy and international management from the University of St. Gallen.

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