Best Ideas Omaha

In May 2018, thanks to the support of Bob Robotti and his team, members of the MOI Global community had a unique opportunity to meet and share ideas during the Berkshire Hathaway weekend.

Instructors included Matthew Haynes, Chief Investment Officer of 1949 Value Advisors; James Lim, Senior Research Analyst at Dalton Investments; David Marcus, CEO of Evermore Global Advisors; Christopher Mayer, Investment Director at Bonner Family Office; Scott Miller, Founder of Greenhaven Road Capital; Bob Robotti, President of Robotti & Company; Christopher Rossbach, Managing Partner of J. Stern & Co.; Tom Russo, Managing Partner of Gardner Russo & Gardner; Emília Vieira, Chairman and CEO of Casa de Investimentos; Shreekkanth Viswanathan, Portfolio Manager of SVN Capital; and Brian Weber, Senior Investment Associate at Robotti Securities.

“The presenters did a great job providing the essence of the idea, and based on the Q&A had thoughtfully completed their homework. Really enjoyed the efficient format that packed in many actionable ideas in a short time period. All presenters did a great job! Also was great chance to meet other members. Will definitely attend in 2019!” –Walter Lehman