Best Ideas Omaha 2024

On May 3, MOI Global members will enjoy a unique opportunity to meet and share ideas during the Berkshire Hathaway weekend.

We look forward to a terrific group of speakers. Past instructors have included Ethan Berg, Principal of Chauncy Capital; Christian Billinger, Investor at Billinger Förvaltning, Steve Gorelik, Portfolio Manager at Firebird Management; Peter Mantas, General Partner of Logos LP; Bob Robotti, Chief Investment Officer of Robotti & Company; Tom Russo, Managing Partner of Gardner Russo & Gardner; Dave Sather, CEO of Sather Financial Group; Jeffrey Stacey, Chairman & CEO of Stacy Muirhead Capital Management; Sean Stannard-Stockton, Chief Investment Officer of Ensemble Capital Management; Will Thomson, Managing Partner of Massif Capital; Elliot Turner, Managing Director of RGA Investment Advisors; Rudi van Niekerk, Manager of Desert Lion Capital; and Don Walker, Portfolio Manager at PenderFund Capital Management.

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Origins of Best Ideas Omaha

In May 2018, thanks to the support of Bob Robotti and his team, members of the MOI Global community had an opportunity to share ideas during the Berkshire Hathaway weekend.

Instructors at the inaugural Best Ideas Omaha event included Matthew Haynes, Chief Investment Officer of 1949 Value Advisors; James Lim, Senior Research Analyst at Dalton Investments; David Marcus, CEO of Evermore Global Advisors; Christopher Mayer, Investment Director at Bonner Family Office; Scott Miller, Founder of Greenhaven Road Capital; Bob Robotti, President of Robotti & Company; Christopher Rossbach, Managing Partner of J. Stern & Co.; Tom Russo, Managing Partner of Gardner Russo & Gardner; Emília Vieira, Chairman and CEO of Casa de Investimentos; Shreekkanth Viswanathan, Portfolio Manager of SVN Capital; and Brian Weber, Senior Investment Associate at Robotti Securities.

“The presenters did a great job providing the essence of the idea, and based on the Q&A had thoughtfully completed their homework. Really enjoyed the efficient format that packed in many actionable ideas in a short time period. All presenters did a great job! Also was great chance to meet other members. Will definitely attend in 2019!” –Walter Lehman

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