Collaborate with us. The rewards are many.

Help us create value for members of MOI Global. It will be worth it on multiple levels.

Our goal is to generate exceptional insights.

MOI Global members are life-long learners. In order to create unique value, we would love to collaborate with you on three types of content.

Investor/Allocator Interviews

Conversations with fund managers and capital allocators provide insights into the process of intelligent investing.

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Industry Expert Interviews

Conversations with operators, employees, and academics illuminate industries and business models.

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Public Company Interviews

Conversations with key executives offer a window into the culture and capital allocation of public companies.

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Share thought-provoking conversations with the MOI Global community.

Zoom allows everyone to become a content creator. The idea is simple: If you speak with thoughtful individuals, there is a good chance your conversations would have value to members. Focus topics include industry dynamics, business models, CEO/CFO perspectives, and investment process insights.

We will be delighted to assist you every step of the way, as needed and desired by you.

Creating a Win-Win Partnership

Whether you’re an allocator, manager, analyst, or have a completely different background, here are a few thoughts on collaborating with MOI Global in the most productive and rewarding way.

  • Managers

    As a fund manager or RIA, you focus on serving your clients, delivering investment outperformance, and building a sustainable business.

    As part of your research process, you might speak with companies, their customers, competitors, and others. Many of them might be receptive to having your conversations recorded and shared. In fact, your contacts might appreciate the opportunity to leverage their time in order to reach a desirable audience.

    Meanwhile, you build your thought leadership among members and share in the community economics.

  • Allocators

    As an endowment allocator or family office manager, you speak with other allocators and interview managers about their philosophy and process.

    Some of your conversations might lend themselves to being recorded and shared within the community. Your contacts may appreciate an opportunity to have their story reach a relevant audience. This can create valuable feedback loops and lead to business opportunities.

    Meanwhile, you establish yourself as a thought leader and share in the economics of MOI Global.

  • Analysts

    As an analyst, you conduct deep fundamental research into industries and companies. You speak with various stakeholders to generate differentiated insights.

    Some of your contacts may be amenable to recording a conversation for the benefit of a targeted audience such as the MOI Global community. A recorded conversation leverages a contact’s time and may generate valuable feedback and business opportunities.

    Meanwhile, you gain recognition for your research process and share in the economics of MOI Global.

  • Podcasters

    As a podcast host, you already have experience with audio/video interviews. Some of your guests may be ideal interviewees for our focus areas, such as industry analysis, business models, and investment insights.

    Perhaps it makes sense to invite your best guests back to record an exclusive episode for members. You may also consider contributing some of your existing episodes to the MOI Global content library.

    We are open to a variety of arrangements, with the goal of bringing value to members while enabling you to participate in the economics of MOI Global.

  • Journalists

    As a journalist, you are well-versed in developing sources, interviewing, and storytelling.

    Leverage your experience and network to create thought-provoking content across MOI Global’s focus areas: industry analysis, competitive dynamics, business models, CEO/CFO perspectives, and investment process insights. Other topics may be of interest as well.

    Advance your craft, expand your network, and participate in the economics of MOI Global.

  • Students

    As a student, you have a unique advantage when it comes to getting people to agree to an interview.

    Accomplished individuals are typically eager to share their wisdom with students. A lunch with Warren Buffett auctions for millions of dollars, yet Buffett has regularly met with university students as a way of giving back.

    Reach out to CEOs, CFOs, fund managers, professors, and other accomplished individuals. We will share your interviews with members and let you participate in the economics of MOI Global.

  • Others

    Anyone can collaborate with MOI Global, regardless of background, geography, or language.

    We are guided by a single overarching principle: The content we bring to members must add value to them. We have identified topics of particular interest: industry analysis and business models, CEO/CFO perspectives, and investment process insights.

    If you create content we consider of value to members, you will participate in the economics of MOI Global.

A Simple Way to Get Started

If you are ready to contribute, feel free to record an interview and send it to John for review and feedback.

If you would like to reach out prior to getting started, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

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