Royce Kurmelovs discussed his book, Boom and Bust: The Rise and Fall of the Mining Industry, Greed and the Impact on Everyday Australians, at MOI Global’s Meet-the-Author Summer Forum 2019.

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About the book:

Australia’s mining boom is still talked about with a sense of awe. This once-in-a-lifetime event capped off 25 straight years of economic growth. Thanks to mining we sidestepped the worst of the Global Financial Crisis. To the rest of the world Australia was an economic miracle. And then the boom ended.

Now Australia is grappling with what that means at a time of rising economic inequality and political upheaval. The end of the boom isn’t about money – it’s about people. Boom and Bust looks at what happens to those who came into vast wealth only to watch it dry up. To those who thought they had a good job for life, but didn’t. The bust didn’t just happen on stock-market screens – it was lived, and is still being lived right now, in dusty towns and cities all around the country.

As he did in his bestselling book The Death of Holden, Royce Kurmelovs reveals the reality behind the headlines. Boom and Bust is a dirt-under-the-nails look at the winners, the losers and the impact of the boom that wasn’t meant to end. This is a book all Australians should read.

About the author:

Royce Kurmelovs is an Australian journalist and author of The Death of Holden (2016) Rogue Nation (2017) and Boom and Bust (2018). His profiles and investigative features have appeared online and in print with the ABC, the BBC, CNN, The Saturday Paper, The Guardian, Al Jazeera English, VICE, The SA Weekend magazine and other organisations. He writes a regular column with The Adelaide Review where each month he drinks with strangers and reports back about the experience. He is currently working on his fourth book.