Chicony (TPE: 2385 TT) is established in Feb 1983 and listed in Jan 1999, Chicony is the global leader in keyboards with a market share of around 33-35%, as well as the global leader in notebook cams and webcams with market shares of 40% and 20%, respectively. Chicony is the ODM for sports digital video (DV) camera for GoPro and is also the global #1 leader in market share in sports DV cam. Chicony also owns around 53% of Chicony Power (6412 TT, MV $597m), reduced from 62% after selling 14m shares during Jun-Jul 2013 at around TWD 38 per share for TWD 554m ($19m). Chicony Power is the global #3 in power supply components (SPS, adapter, LED) competing with Delta Electronics, Lite-On and AcBel.

What Makes It a Wide-Moat Business?

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