Alexander Kinmont presented his in-depth investment thesis at Japan Investing Summit 2012.

Japan specialist and seasoned value investor Alex Kinmont provides an exclusive perspective into both macro and micro investment considerations in Japan to answer the key question for investors: Where exactly is the value in Japanese equities? Benefit from Alex’ deep knowledge of the Japanese economy and equity market as well as his bottom-up focus on valuation discrepancies, not just statistically inexpensive stocks.

About the instructor:

Alexander Kinmont is the CEO of Milestone Asset Management, a Tokyo-based independent asset manager. Milestone offers both long-only and long-short value strategies to institutional investors. It does not employ leverage. Milestone is focused on valuation discrepancies, not just statistically inexpensive stocks. It is guided by a value philosophy which emphasizes minimising the risk of permanent loss of capital. Prior to starting Milestone, Mr. Kinmont headed Japan equity strategy at Morgan Stanley MUFG in Tokyo. He began his career at Daiichi Securities in 1985. Mr. Kinmont graduated from the University of Oxford with a Masters Degree in Literae Humaniores (Latin and Greek Literature and Ancient History). He is fluent in Japanese.

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