The following interview was conducted by InvestingByTheBooks and is made available to members of MOI Global with the permission of Henrik Andersson, partner and fund manager at Sweden-based Didner & Gerge.

Björn Fahlén has spent more than twenty-five years in the investment world as investor, analyst and financial advisor. He is a founder, principal shareholder, and CEO of Redeye AB, a Stockholm-based boutique investment bank that specialises in innovative growth companies and was founded in 1999. He also leads Redeye’s research activities and is Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of its fund advisory business.

InvestingByTheBooks: Björn – it is truly a special moment for us to be interviewing and interacting with a fellow Swede, and to talk about your upcoming book! It is called “Investing With Intelligence – Avoiding painful investing mistakes by asking 114 smart questions”. Quite a title! Give us some background on your journey leading up to this book.

Björn Fahlén: This book began as a small internal project at Redeye. The project’s initial scope was to institutionalise lessons learned from refining the equity research process during my many years as an equity analyst and investor. I would say that the process started about ten years ago. But initially it was just an internal document for our analysts. It was actually, the chairman of MOI Global and managing editor of The Manual of Ideas, John Mihaljevic, who inspired me to publish my writings about the subject in a book format. That was about three years ago, after I contacted him for feedback on the checklist. However, writing this book has been a way of thinking more clearly and building deeper understanding – not just a way to teach equity analysts.

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