Bob Robotti of Robotti & Company Advisors discussed his investment thesis on LSB Industries (US: LXU) at Best Ideas 2024.

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About the instructor:

Bob Robotti is the Founder, President and CIO of Robotti & Company Advisors, a registered investment advisor based in New York City.

Guided by the classic tenets of value investing, VALUATION MATTERS. Robotti & Company Advisors uses a proprietary research approach to identify companies which trade for substantial discounts to their future free cash flows, yet are misunderstood, neglected, or just out-of-favor, so discounted by markets. Once identified, Robotti’s investment team focuses on deep primary industry and company research to select investment holdings through the lens of a long-term business owner.

In this capacity, Bob is currently on the boards of AMREP Corporation (NYSE:AXR), Pulse Seismic Data Inc. (TSX: PSD) for which he also serves as Chairman, and Tidewater, Inc. (NYSE:TDW). Bob previously was on the board BMC Building Materials Holding Corporation, now amalgamated into Builders FirstSource, the premier and differentiated distributor of building structural products to homebuilders.

Prior to founding Robotti & Company in 1983, he was the CFO of Gabelli & Company. Bob holds a BS in Accounting from Bucknell University and an MBA from Pace University.