We had the pleasure of speaking with Brinton Johns, a co-founder and investor at NZS Capital, about the firm’s investment philosophy and process.

Specifically, we dug into the topic of complexity investing, which Brinton and his team have championed for years.

NZS believes that “the economy and the stock market are best understood as biological systems: specifically, complex adaptive systems. Complex systems have unpredictable outcomes; therefore, as investors, we focus on companies that are adaptable, long-term focused, innovative, possess long-duration growth, and maximize non-zero-sum outcomes.”

In 2014, Brinton and fellow NZS co-founder Brad Slingerlend published a white paper on complexity investing. The paper remains highly influential.

Listen to the conversation (recorded on June 3, 2021):

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Brinton Johns is a co-founder and investor at NZS Capital, LLC. Brinton started in the investment industry at Janus Henderson Investors in 2000 in retail client support before becoming a research associate in 2003. Brinton became a research analyst in 2006 and later became leader of the global technology sector team and co-portfolio manager of the Janus Henderson Global Technology and Innovation Strategies with Brad until June 2017. Brinton has a Bachelor of Business Administration in Business Management from the University of Texas Arlington and a Master of Arts in Biblical/Christian Studies from the Denver Seminary.

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