This article is excerpted from a letter by Brad Hathaway, managing partner at Far View Capital Management.

In H2 2019, I sold the vast majority of our investment in Lawson Products (LAWS), a position that Far View has held since late 2016. LAWS is a distributor of consumable maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) supplies (fasteners, lubricants etc.) for industrial clients. At the time of Far View’s purchase, the company’s stock was undervalued as a result of depressed short-term earnings from the company’s investments in growing its sales force as well as investor concerns about weakening demand in the industrial economy.

LAWS sales representatives manage a territory, visiting industrial locations to learn the needs of the businesses and make sure that they are always properly stocked with parts. As LAWS CEO Mike DeCata described it, “We’re selling items to customers that they use over and over again, so it gives us a level of predictability to anticipate the customer’s needs. From the customer’s perspective, if we do our job, they never call us. Whenever the mechanic reaches into the drawer, it’s there for them.”[1]

Because it takes some time for a new representative to create relationships with customers, this sales force expansion had created a large number of new salespeople who were not yet generating enough revenue to be profitable for the company. However, as these reps continued to work in their territories, their book of business would continue to build as acquired customers tended to be very high retention due to quality of the Lawson service. Thus, I expected sales per rep per day (the key metric of the investment thesis) would continue to grow as the sales force matured and LAWS revenue would expand significantly.

To test the investment thesis, I interviewed multiple former sales representatives from LAWS as well as competitors, spoke with LAWS customers, and visited the main LAWS distribution center in McCook, Ill. to assess its ability to smoothly handle a significant increase in volume. I also tracked the results of various cohorts of LAWS representatives to verify that sales force maturation was leading to an increase in overall sales per rep per day. Finally, my diligence included multiple conversations with CEO Mike DeCata and CFO Ron Knutson, which gave me confidence that they were strong operators who were capable of driving this sales force improvement.

When Far View made the LAWS investment, the company was relatively fairly valued its near-term expectations. However, looking forward a few years to when the sales force had matured, I could see a much more profitable company as its fixed costs would allow a significant portion of the increased revenue to drop to the bottom line. Given that LAWS was relatively poorly followed by sell-side analysts, I thought this long-term inflection in earnings was misunderstood. Fast forward three years and the sales per rep per day has increased similar to my expectations driving LAWS EBITDA to more than triple from 2016 levels.

Given that the thesis has played out as expected, why did I sell in H2 2019? While LAWS relationships provide a source of recurring revenue, the business does depend on the health of the industrial economy. For example, if you are using your equipment less frequently, there is less wear and tear on the parts, and you don’t need as many replacements. Throughout the investment, I tracked the health of the industrial economy by following macro indicators and investigating the results of LAWS’s larger distribution peers to assess the strength of industrial demand. In H2 2019, I began to see the first signs of weakening demand at those peers, suggesting a less healthy environment for LAWS.

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