This article is excerpted from a letter authored by Will Thomson and Chip Russell, managing partners of Massif Capital, a value-oriented partnership focused on the small- and mid-cap space, with special attention on industrial and commodity-related businesses.

As the world seeks to reduce its carbon footprint, real asset industries face only one certainty: change. Business models for mining, energy, and heavy industrial companies are rapidly shifting, creating opportunity for investors in the space.

In our third quarter letter, we share some of the best examples of companies in our portfolio that are transitioning their business model to reduce carbon emissions.

Examples include a German company that is transitioning from one of Europe’s most polluting and carbon-intensive electric utilities into a leading renewable energy producer, a small-cap energy developer that could establish itself as a platform for financing projects that tap into South America’s nascent renewable energy market, and a minerals company that is recycling coal royalties into a newly formed subsidiary that will allocate capital to renewable projects.

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