François Rochon, president and portfolio manager of Giverny Capital, participated in the “Talks at Google” series in 2017. He was hosted by Saurabh Madaan. François shared lessons from several decades of value investing.

François was educated as an engineer at the École Polytechnique of Montreal. After graduating with his Masters Degree (in Science), he worked as a researcher and network engineer for INRS-Telecom and Teleglobe Canada. Following his lifelong passion for investing, he decided to focus his career on professional money management. After managing family accounts between 1993 and 1996, he joined Montrusco & Associates as an analyst and was then promoted to Portfolio Manager. At Montrusco, François managed US accounts totaling more than $250 million. In December 1998, François founded Giverny Capital in order to offer investment management services to clients based on his investment philosophy of owning outstanding companies for the long term. He also sits on various boards of directors.