Guy Spier presented his in-depth investment thesis on investing in Europe in the face of crisis and uncertainty at European Investing Summit 2012.

The first live session at EIS 2012 was led by Guy Spier, Chief Executive Officer, Aquamarine Capital.

About the session: Guy Spier will frame the eurocrisis in historical perspective, provide a sense of how investors have reacted to past crises and uncertainties, what actions have led to poor or superior investment results, and address behavioral biases that lead investors to follow the herd during situations of uncertainty and crisis. You’ll end up with an appreciation of the context for the ongoing crisis and the pitfalls to avoid in order to help you maintain perspective and a long-term orientation. Guy will also elaborate on the views expressed in the recent Times of London editorial he co-authored with Mohnish Pabrai, entitled “The Motown way to get Greece motoring.” Guy will also reveal which European investment opportunities he finds most compelling.

About the instructor:

Guy Spier is a Zurich-based investor. In June 2007 he made headlines by bidding US$650,100 with Mohnish Pabrai for a charity lunch with Warren Buffett. Since 1997 he has managed Aquamarine Fund, an investment partnership inspired by, and styled after the original 1950′s Buffett partnerships. Prior to starting Aquamarine Fund, Spier worked as an investment banker in New York, and as a management consultant in London and Paris. Mr. Spier completed his MBA at the Harvard Business School, class of 1993, and holds a First Class degree in PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics) from Oxford University. Upon graduating, he was co-awarded the George Webb Medley prize for the best performance in that year in Economics. While at Oxford he was a contemporary of David Cameron at Brasenose and attended economics tutorials with him. Spier is the CEO of the Spier family office. He also serves on the advisory board of Horasis, and is a co-host of TEDxZurich. Spier is a member of YPO, EO, Zurich Minds and the Latticework Club. Aquamarine has offices in New York, London and Zurich where Mr. Spier currently resides with his wife Lory and their three children, Eva, Isaac and Sarah.

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