We had the pleasure of speaking with William Barnes and William Oliver, co-founders of In Practise, a research service for fundamental investors to learn about high-quality companies, with a focus on European and US midcaps.

In the conversation, Will Barnes and Will Oliver discuss their process for identifying great businesses qualitatively. They speak about their primary research checklist, including preparing for operator interviews, building trust with interviewees, asking the right questions, and avoiding common pitfalls.

The discussion also touches on the nature and purpose of dialogue, including some wonderful insights from David Bohm’s essay, On Dialogue.

To illuminate the research process of In Practise, Will Barnes and Will Oliver highlight their work on Carvana (US: CVNA) and Naked Wines (UK: WINE).

Listen to the conversation (recorded on May 12, 2021):

audio research checklist in practise

This conversation is available as an episode of Invest Intelligently, a member podcast of MOI Global. (Learn how to access member podcasts.)

In Practise is a business education content platform on a mission to explore the mechanics, culture, operations and strategy of the world’s best companies through interviews with current and former senior business practitioners.

In Practise offers a content library of hundreds of curated interviews, with senior industry executives, covering some of the best businesses under ~$15 billion market cap globally.

For further information, read a recent interview and visit In Practise.

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