Enjoy our conversation with John Huber, portfolio manager of Saber Capital Management. Saber is a value-focused asset management firm modeled after the original Buffett Partnerships. John focuses on identifying long-term concentrated investments in undervalued companies.

In this discussion, we explore elements of Saber’s fund structure, such as John’s thought process for transitioning from separately managed accounts to a partnership fund structure, as well as his investment strategy. A cornerstone of Saber’s strategy is a willingness to say “no” to most ideas and stick to a concentrated approach. Generally, the portfolio aims to hold 80%+ of assets in 5-8 stocks. John provides useful insights for those developing asset management operations in the Buffett Partnership mold.

Since 2012, John has maintained an investing blog (previously Base Hit Investing) which is now incorporated into Saber Capital Management’s website as Saber Notes. Prior to founding Saber, John worked as a real estate investor and specialized in finding opportunities to add significant value to undervalued properties. He attended North Carolina State University. 

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