We had the pleasure of speaking with MOI Global instructor Keith Smith, manager of the Bonhoeffer Fund, about his investment philosophy.

Keith has presented on several occasions at MOI Global online conferences, including on logistics providers in 2017, compound mispricings in moated businesses in 2018, and bond-like equity securities in 2019.

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About Keith Smith:

Keith is the fund manager and brings over 20 years of valuation experience to the Bonhoeffer Fund. He is a director for Enterprise Diversified, Inc (OTC: SYTE). He is a CFA charterholder and received his MBA from UCLA. Keith is the former Managing Director of a valuation firm and his expertise includes corporate transactions, distressed loans, derivatives, and intangible assets. Warren Buffett and Benjamin Graham’s value-oriented approach of pursuing the “fifty-cents on the dollar” opportunities, underpins Keith’s investment strategy. The combination of his experience and track record led Keith to commit most of his investable net worth to the Bonhoeffer Fund model.

About the Bonhoeffer Fund:

The Bonhoeffer Fund is named after the German theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer, whose opposition to the Nazi regime ultimately led to his execution. He was an inspiration to Martin Luther King, Jr., and the civil rights movement, the anti-communist movement in Eastern Europe during the Cold War, and the anti-Apartheid movement in South Africa.