We had the pleasure of meeting Kevin Byun, managing partner of Denali Investors based in New York, for a conversation about John Malone’s financial brilliance. Kevin Byun founded Denali Investors in 2007. Denali seeks to identify catalyst­ driven situations that will unlock value. He has a triple major from Rice University and an MBA from Columbia Business School. Prior to Columbia, Kevin Byun was an investment banker with UBS.

The following transcript has been edited for space and clarity.

MOI Global: How did you come across John Malone and what led you to study him?

Kevin Byun: John Malone is a very interesting guy. The first time I came across him or looked into him more closely was when I read Greenblatt’s book, You Can Be a Stock Market Genius. There is a very interesting case study in there.

I had done a few years in investment banking and decided that wasn’t the longer term path for me. And so in the period after that, I had read everything I could about investing but the special situations angle. What I read in Professor Greenblatt’s book, really jumped out at me. That led me to applying to Columbia Business School, specifically just to take his class.

And you learn about him there too, and so this is going back let’s call it eight years, when I first actually spent more time on John Malone.

MOI: John Malone is not an unknown name in value investing circles. Give us a sense of what attracted you the most, and what are some of the key things you found interesting?

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