Latticework New York

In September 2019, intelligent investors will meet at the Yale Club of New York City for the fourth annual Latticework summit. Participants will explore the topic of “outsider” CEOs and owner-operators. Speakers include Howard Marks, Tom Russo, Murray Stahl, Will Thorndike, Ed Wachenheim, and other thought leaders.

The Latticework summit has been lauded as a uniquely impactful interactive forum of the best minds from the MOI Global community.

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Latticework London

In September 2019, intelligent investors will meet for the second annual Latticework London forum. Participants will explore topics related to intelligent investing in a changing world.

Latticework London is moderated by MOI Global chairman John Mihaljevic, with thought leaders from the MOI Global community sharing their wisdom and ideas.

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Selected Latticework Highlights: