An inaugural MOI Global member-organized dinner took place in Brussels, Belgium last night. I take this opportunity to thank Ivan Kuznetsov for bringing together such a wonderful group of like-minded investors.

Here is a quick summary from Ivan:

The meeting was attended by a range of hedge fund managers and family offices based in Belgium and the Netherlands and several investment professionals. Some participants travelled to Brussels from Ghent, Antwerp, Leuven, Amsterdam and London.

It was a beautiful and private venue and everyone thoroughly enjoyed their time and the format of the meeting. There was no specific company that we have discussed as an entire group at this very first meeting but I have taken note of a good brainstorming on a broad range of questions (identifying opportunities in a current environment, spin-offs in Europe, trends in retail sector and aviation, valuation of biotech companies in different stages of regulatory approvals, sources of ideas, systemic effects of the proliferation of ETFs, etc.).

The next value investing meeting could take place in Antwerp or Brussels towards the end of the year or in the beginning of January.

We’ll keep you posted on future member meetup plans. Also, be sure to tune into our Meetup group.