The third annual Zurich Project workshop is coming up in June 2018, and it’s my pleasure to extend this invitation to you.

The Zurich Project is truly a passion project for me. I get to meet — or welcome back to Zurich — members of the MOI Global community who are well on their way to building a great investment firm. By “great”, I mean a firm that grows assets in a principled, sustainable way, emphasizes net long-term returns to clients, and builds an organization that can stand the test of time.

I also invite selected capital allocators to share their perspective — last June we had Global Endowment Management, van Biema Value Partners, the YMCA Retirement Fund, the Notre Dame Investment Office, the MIT Investment Management Company, and the Yale University Endowment. I look forward to a similarly august group of capital allocators in 2018.

A cultural nuance: While The Zurich Project includes emerging managers and capital allocators, it is not a “cap intro” event — the goal is not to raise money or pitch your firm. The goal is to start building enduring relationships by contributing your wisdom and insights in an authentic way. The atmosphere is relaxed and collegial, designed to foster serendipitous interaction.

Serendipity can be “engineered” to some degree, and that is why we have booked the full 55-room capacity of Hotel UTO KULM, overlooking beautiful Zurich, Switzerland. Your three-night stay is complimentary, so all you need to do is register and make your travel arrangements. If possible, arrive by lunch on Tuesday, June 5, and depart after breakfast on Friday, June 8. We’ll handle nearly everything else.

All participants in The Zurich Project are expected to contribute in some way, formally or informally. I’ll be in touch in the coming months to discuss ways you might wish to share your experience for the benefit of your peers.

To get a sense of the event, view the agenda from last June (please keep confidential). We plan a similarly engaging and interactive workshop in 2018, with several targeted improvements.

Who should come to The Zurich Project? The workshop should be particularly beneficial to emerging managers with questions around scaling their firm, experienced managers with specific firm-building goals, as well as capital allocators and family offices interested in meeting under-the-radar managers from the MOI Global community.

The event is nearing capacity. The limit is 55 participants and numerous past participants have already registered, leaving few spaces available. If you would like to join us, secure your seat as soon as possible (apply the invitation code we emailed to you recently — email [email protected] if you need assistance).

Register now with your personal invitation code.

(Should your plans change, simply let me know by the end of March and we will defer your registration to a future year.)

I look forward to welcoming you to Zurich next June!

Warm regards,

John Mihaljevic, CFA
Managing Director, MOI Global