Shai Dardashti, managing director of The Manual of Ideas, recently had the pleasure of interviewing Michael White. Mike is a retired former CEO of DirecTV, the world’s largest pay television service. He served at DirecTV from 2010-2015. Previously, he spent two decades at PepsiCo International, where he served in various roles, including as CEO. He was also CFO of Frito Lay from 1990-1994. Mike started his career at Bain & Co. in 1980.

The following transcript has been edited for space and clarity.

MOI Global: It’s truly an honor to be here speaking with Mike White, former CEO of DirecTV and of PepsiCo International – with also a quite successful career at Avon – learning how Mike approaches operations. And, as we know, DirecTV was a particularly shareholder-friendly and intelligent investment. Mr. White it’s great to have you here.

Mike White: It’s an honor to be with you, Shai.

MOI: From where you sit, how much of successful strategy is “figuring it all out in advance” and how much is, to quote Jim Collins, “trying a lot of stuff and keeping what works?”

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