It’s been a busy time at MOI Global as we are in the midst of launching several new initiatives designed to add more value to you — by generating exclusive and uniquely differentiated investing content, creating incremental opportunities for engagement with fellow members, and paving new ways for capital allocators, such as endowments and family offices, to discover great investors among our member ranks.

Choosing the right direction for an organization such as ours is no trivial matter, as opportunities abound in many directions. For example, we have been advised to start a money management operation, as we sit at the center of a powerful idea generation platform. Some have also suggested we get into cap intro in order to capture full value for the connections we make on a daily basis.

We are unequivocal in saying no to revenue streams that might create conflicts of interest or, worse, overlap with the livelihood of our members. Instead, we are laser-focused on the membership community that is MOI Global, with the goal of providing member value far in excess of your annual contribution. I have said it before: We hope to create a special kind of community, one that fosters loyalty through unwavering commitment to the member experience.

The more I learn about our members, the more I am in awe of the kind of community MOI Global is becoming. A few members I have spoken with recently: a fourth-generation diamond dealer who sold his business and is now immersed in investing; a value investor and shipping executive who works closely with one of the most notable shipping entrepreneurs in Greece; a decades-long Berkshire shareholder who sold his business to a leading Nordic bank and now manages his personal capital; one of Asia’s most successful private equity investors who also manages a substantial personal “family office”; a member building a privately held, long term-oriented holding company outside the U.S. while serving as a board member of one of the world’s largest media companies. Sometimes I am reluctant to learn too much about our members, because the more I learn, the more I feel like waiving all membership fees in light of the huge value each member brings to the community.

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