Nick Gogerty discussed his book, The Nature of Value: How to Invest in the Adaptive Economy, at MOI Global’s Meet-the-Author Summer Forum 2019. Nick is co-founder and CEO of SolarCoin Foundation.

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About the book:

The Nature of Value presents a theory of how economic value functions and how it drives growth, starting with tiny sparks of innovation and scaling all the way up to the full scope of the economy. Nick Gogerty’s exploration of value borrows from a wide array of disciplines, including anthropology, psychology, physics, sociology, and ethics, but most of all, it examines how evolution’s processes can help investors understand the economy and how investors can use this new understanding to improve their allocation decisions.

Starting with a look at how innovations can help firms succeed, Gogerty looks at the economic niches in which firms compete and explores how firms can create defensive “moats” to enhance their chances of survival. He shows allocators how to adjust their actions for best performance and returns and what to look for when assessing company management, supporting his arguments with extensive data and years of practitioner experience from scientific, social, and economic disciplines. Intuitive illustrations are used to illuminate central concepts and ideas. Gogerty’s practical takeaways, couched in vivid explanations, will help investors of all backgrounds gain fresh insight into market mechanics.

About the author:

Nick Gogerty has been fortunate to live among and learn from many cultures while pursuing roles in technology and finance. He has worked with one of the world’s largest hedge funds and been an associate portfolio manager for a small cap value fund in New York City where he outperformed the S&P 500 by over 5,000 bps during the financial crisis of 2007-09. As an entrepreneur he founded Inclue! social media software in San Diego CA, winning 2nd place in the Southern California Venture Capital competition. As Chief Analyst for Starlab Deep Future Science Research institute in Brussels Belgium, he oversaw the IP committee and worked on commercializing fundamental research projects including genetics, artificial intelligence, robotics, flexible solar cells, protein folding, nano-technology and theoretical research into time travel. As founder of International Monitoring, a technology consulting firm he was chosen as 1 of 7 global specialists to deliver expert testimony to the US Senate about the unique international risks associated with Y2K, the $200b technology problem. Other experts represented the DoD, World Bank, State Dept. Dept of Defense. etc. In London was a Sr. VP Quantitative Foreign Exchange risk researcher and trader at BNP (Banque National de Paris) one of the World’s largest banks trading the world’s largest market.

Early on he was a technology consultant for the Swiss Bank Corporation Chicago, and runner on the Chicago Board of Trade in the 10 yr treasury bond options pit. As an undergraduate he co-founded of ISYS Technologies and researched genetic algorithms and neural networks for bond trading after starting to trade yen futures in high school. Please note none of the quant methods he researched proved highly effective. Later in life he got down to the basics and first principles of studying value creation at FertileMind Capital. This thinking about value yielded useful insights.

Nick holds a BA in cultural anthropology with a special focus on economic sustainable development in Niger, West Africa and a minor in Art History from the University of Iowa. He received an MBA from the Ecole National de Ponts et Chaussees in Paris France where his thesis was on quantitative methods used by hedge funds. He has held Series 3,7 & 63 securities licenses in the US and the FSA designation in the UK and holds the CAIA (chartered Alternative Investments Analyst) designation and is a member of the American Economics Association. His interests include sustainable economic development, poverty reduction, renewable energy and solving large complex problems. He lives in Greenwich, CT with his wife.

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