This article by MOI Global instructor Ryan O’Connor is excerpted from a letter of Crossroads Capital, based in Kansas City, Missouri.

We’re proud to report that Nintendo, current heavyweight champ of the console world and 800-ton Godzilla of the increasingly resilient, fast-growing videogame industry, became our largest investment during the tail end of Q4 and early January.

Our thesis is simple: Nintendo offers a unique opportunity to purchase a dominant, wide-moat business undergoing transformative, value-unlocking change. Moreover, this market leader’s unrivaled roster of iconic videogame franchises gives it an overwhelming and durable edge in a high-return industry where intellectual property (IP) is king.

Despite its many successes, Nintendo has long suffered from cyclical volatility in its core videogame console business and massive undermonetization of its beloved game characters. But new leadership turned those pages years ago, setting the stage today for a multi-year run of exponential earnings growth. Yet the company is trading at less than 12 times next year’s consensus earnings – and just 8 times after backing out its roughly $9 billion in cash.

That’s cheap, but we think Nintendo is actually a far greater bargain then it initially appears. “Mr. Market” has become downright delusional about the medium- to long-term trajectory of the company’s increasingly high-Quality earnings. Street estimates will have to come up. Way up. We can’t recall a company of this quality languishing at such an extreme discount to its intrinsic worth.

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