We present an interview with Oliver Marti, Managing Director and Portfolio Manager of CCI Healthcare.

The CCI Healthcare investment team is a part of Columbus Circle Investors, an institutional investment manager. This structure enables the CCI Healthcare team to operate with full independence in investment decisions, backed by the investment, compliance, operations, client service and trading infrastructure of Columbus Circle Investors.

The following transcript has been edited for space and clarity.

MOI Global: Please tell us about CCI Healthcare’s long/short equity strategy.

Oliver Marti: We’ve been running the healthcare strategy for over 16 years now. Columbus Circle Investors is a predominately long-only institutional equity manager, managing around $8 billion as of year-end 2016. I joined in 1999 from Pequot Capital to start a healthcare long/short strategy. My team operates within the firm, backed by CCI’s infrastructure, but from an investment perspective we operate as an independent investment team focused exclusively on healthcare.

We have two versions of our strategy. The first is our flagship which started trading in 2001. It invests in more established, liquid names. The second is a newer portfolio we started in 2013 to focus on smaller and earlier stage companies. It’s more concentrated and targets higher overall returns with higher volatility. Both invest across all healthcare sectors, meaning biotech and life sciences, medical technology, healthcare services and pharmaceuticals.

MOI: Please tell us about the general types of opportunities you see that are specific to the healthcare ecosystem.

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