This article is authored by MOI Global instructor John Barr, Portfolio Manager at Needham Funds, based in New York.

PDF Solutions (PDFS) is a semiconductor data analytics company emerging from a period of investment in new products. It supplies software and other services to improve manufacturing yield for semiconductor manufacturing companies.

PDFS has a market cap of $275 million, about $100 million of cash and annual revenue of near $100 million. PDF’s SaaS offering for big data analytics, Exensio, has about $40 million of annual revenue and is growing 30% year over year.

Its solution for next generation chip inspection and control, Design-for-Inspection, is in use at a leading semiconductor manufacturing company.

At $200 million of revenue, PDF could earn $1.50 to $2.00 per share, which could result in a $20 to $30 stock price. Of course, there is risk in these new products and revenue, earnings and stock price appreciation may not happen.

Downside Protection

PDF has cash of $3 per share and $50-60 million of yield ramp royalties expected over the next few years, which could be worth another $1.50 to $1.80 per share.

Exensio could be valued at 3-5x revenues, or $3.50-$6.00 per share. These elements total $8-11 per share. Should PDF’s lead Design-for-Inspection customer not come to terms on a next order, this part of the business might not have much value in the short-term.

VIEX Capital Advisors recently disclosed a 6% stake in PDF. Should PDF fail to execute, VIEX might push for sale of the company or structural changes.

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