It is our pleasure to bring you an exclusive interview with Roberto Oscoy, Senior Financial Analyst at Gerbera Capital in Mexico. The interview was conducted in 2016.

MOI Global: Please tell us about your background.

Roberto Oscoy: My interest in investing developed at a young age. At an age when I was around 14 years old I became acquainted with Warren Buffett through Roger Lowenstein’s book, which then lead me to my first go at reading “The Intelligent Investor”. While, admittedly – much of it went over my head – the general gist of thinking as a business owner when investing stuck with me.

At around this time, I made my first attempt at applying this new found knowledge, with a high degree of encouragement from my father, whom allocated a small portion of his portfolio to buying specific stocks that he liked – more as a hobby than anything serious. As it so happened, my first “intelligent” analysis of a company, Yum! Brands, happened to perform quite well (more through sheer luck than exceptional investment acumen from my part), which further encouraged me to pursue my interest in investing and eventually led me to focus my undergraduate studies on business and economics.

Following my undergraduate studies and a failed venture into providing independent investment analysis – as it turns out, not many people are willing to take investment advice from a young graduate – I started working at Gerbera Capital – which has proven to be a perfect fit for me over the last seven years. The firm actually started as a Family Office of our portfolio manager, Alonso Diaz, whom has been managing investments under a value investment philosophy for well over 20 years. Today, in addition to portfolio management – which is my area of expertise – Gerbera has branched out into Venture Capital and Real Estate investments.

MOI: How do you define your investment universe?

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