This article is excerpted from a letter by Alain Robitaille, portfolio manager of Robitaille Group at Desjardins in Quebec, Canada.

During our annual May visit to Omaha, Marcel, Vinh and I had a very interesting discussion about the problems we face in advising our clients. Portfolio management is a challenge, managing client emotions is a tall order. It does not apply across the board, but every major market fluctuation sparks a desire to sell for some people, either for profit-taking or in an attempt to sell into a decline, with the intention of buying back in at a lower price later on. The team advisors and I often wonder about this. Reducing your equity weight if you are really concerned is not a problem; it is probably advisable. I often say that investment is not a competition. However, making the decision to sell everything is a basic mistake to avoid, for all kinds of reasons.

To give you the bottom line, as I do almost every year, I refer you to the table of results from The Dalbar Report 2018:

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