This article by MOI Global instructor John Lewis is excerpted from a letter of Osmium Partners, based in Greenbrae, California.

Rosetta Stone Inc.[1], together with its subsidiaries, provides technology-based learning products in the United States and internationally. It operates through three segments, Enterprise & Education, Literacy and Consumer. The company develops, markets, and supports a suite of language-learning, literacy, and brain fitness solutions consisting of software products, Web-based software subscriptions, online and professional services, audio practice tools, and mobile applications. Rosetta Stone’s current market capitalization is approximately $513 million. The company generated $174 million in sales for the LTM ending December 31, 2018. (RST is a holding across all funds.)

Rosetta Stone (RST) stock popped from $15 to $21 in March on strong earnings guidance. At $15.30, RST was valued at only 5.7x 2021 operating cash flow guidance with 50% compounded annual operating cash flow growth. RST guided to operating cash flow growth of $19 million in 2019, $37 million in 2020, and $57 million in 2021, and we think 2022 will be near $75+ million a year. The market cap to start March was $325 million. Valuing RST at a 10x multiple of operating cash flow on 2021 plus net cash balance is $29.00 per share. Rosetta’s business model has transformed to a 100% SaaS based software company with currently over 5,000,000 paid subscribers and projected to grow by 700,000 to 1 million new subscribers per year. We think by 2021 it will be worth $40+ per share (we have a cost basis around $9). RST is currently valued at 2.0x sales, whereas at a public comp valuation of 7x RST would be worth $60+ per share.

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