Roshan Padamadan of Luminance Capital presented his in-depth investment thesis on Volkswagen (Germany: VOW3) at European Investing Summit 2022.

Thesis summary:

Volkswagen is a leading Germany-based global auto company that produces and sells a multitude of automotive brands to meet various customer preferences.

The group is going through a genuine transformation, leveraging economies of scale and scope in its move to electric vehicles, as well as investing in the battery and charging stations ecosystem. With experience of selling in over 150 countries, Volkswagen’s “New Auto” strategy is worth watching.

The shares recently traded at a P/E ratio of only 4x, a dividend yield of 6+%, with a special dividend on the horizon due to the listing of Porsche AG.

Listen to this session:

slide presentation audio recording

About the instructor:

Roshan Padamadan is Chairman at Luminance Capital. He is a global investor and splits his time between New York, Singapore and India. Previously, he served as COO, Risk and Compliance officer at Sixteenth Street Capital, based in Singapore. His erstwhile Luminance Global Fund had a global unconstrained investment strategy, looking at special situations and deep value. Prior to launching Luminance in 2013, Roshan also spent more than seven years with the HSBC Group, including more than three years with HSBC Asset Management, as a Product Specialist. He worked for the highly commended Offshore Indian Equity team which ran US$5+ billion from Singapore, including a US$100+ million award-winning India hedge fund. Roshan has earned an MBA in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad. He holds the CFA, FRM and CAIA charters and speaks over five languages.

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