Sid Choraria of Amiral Gestion presented his in-depth investment thesis on Shanghai International Airport Co. (China: 600009) at Best Ideas 2019.

Jon Xu, analyst at Amiral Gestion in Singapore, joined Sid for this session.

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slide presentation audio recording

About the instructor:

Sid Choraria joined Amiral Gestion as Portfolio Manager and Head of Asia Research to adopt Amiral Gestion’s value investment process in the inefficient Asian equity markets focusing on management incentives, return on capital investing in smaller mid capitalization Asian companies. He was instrumental in the launch of the Singapore office of Amiral, a $4.5 billion global investment firm with offices in Paris, Madrid and Singapore. Amiral Gestion was founded by Francois Badelon in 2003. Prior to Amiral, Sid worked as Portfolio Manager and Vice President at APS Asset Management in Singapore, a $2.7bn leading hedge fund in Asia. Previously, Sid spent worked at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley in Hong Kong. Over the last five years, Sid has won multiple global investment research awards, judged by over 70 global fund managers and allocators by institutions like SumZero, Ira Sohn, Value Investing Congress and Factset. In 2015, Mr. Choraria was the recipient of the Best Analyst Excellence Award by SumZero from a pool of over 13 000 analysts and fund managers globally. In 2014, Sid piqued the rare response of Warren Buffett on a Japanese investment research report, which elicted a response from Mr. Buffett of “keep your eyes open!”. Mr. Choraria received his MBA from New York University in 2011 and was recipient of the Harvey Beker Scholarship. During his MBA, Sid worked at Bandera Partners LLC in New York under well-known value investor, Jeff Gramm, Founder of Bandera Partners and Adjunct Value Investing Professor of Columbia Business School. He is a member of Value Investors Club, an elite investment club for top money managers and analysts founded by Joel Greenblatt.