Apex Healthcare (APEX MK) is Malaysia’s #1 pharmaceutical wholesaler and one of the largest private sector manufacturer of off-patent medicines. Its integrated business model from pharma manufacturing to wholesale, distribution and marketing has carved out top-selling own-branded products (#1 medicated powder AGNESIA, #1 cough mixture Sedilix, #1 cough expectorant Bena). With its network of 9 warehouses in peninsula and east Malaysia and Singapore, Apex is the top wholesaler in Malaysia to over 4,000 private-sector customers from private hospitals, pharmacies to supermarkets and also serves as the long-term channel partner to international brands such as GSK, J&J, 3M, Colgate Palmolive, Nestle etc. Apex has a 40% JV stake in ABio Orthopedic to contract manufacture orthopedic components for MNCs. Apex was listed in 2000 on the KLSE 2nd board and migrated to the Bursa main board in 2003.

What Makes It a Wide-Moat Business?

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