This quarterly member publication is authored by MOI Global contributor and Zurich Project participant Peter Coenen, a value investor based in the Netherlands.

There is a reason why there is a select group of exceptional investment professionals. These people work harder and smarter than everyone else. They dig deeper than everyone else and have a more holistic approach towards investing. They have better emotional control and behave differently. They have superior individual networks and better access to industry veterans and CEO’s that helps them to gain better and differentiated insights. And often, these investors study companies for many, many years before making the final decision. There are those amongst us, who call all this “accumulated experience”.

If you think you can beat these great investment teams, I tip my hat to you. For the most of us, just following what they do is a very compelling alternative. The idea is to ride the coattails of their expertise – without having to pay for it. Not many people do so, but it’s interesting. And certainly not easy. It’s called “cloning”.

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