This article is authored by Dave Sather, President of the Sather Financial Group, a “fee-only” financial planning and investment management firm which manages approximately $440 million in client assets. Dave, among else, serves as an adjunct professor in the Business program at Texas Lutheran University.

Wally Weitz is chief investment officer and founder of Weitz Investments. Weitz has spent over three decades putting his instinct for opportunity to work for shareholders. Influenced by the value investing model of Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett, Weitz has steadily produced outstanding results on the funds that he’s managed. He manages the Partners III Opportunity Fund and co-manages Value Fund, Partners Value Fund and Hickory Fund.


With the financial markets dropping more than 10% between July and August, it was appropriate that Wally Weitz, who embodies calmness and discipline, lecture my Texas Lutheran University students. It was homecoming weekend and amidst the excitement, we were fortunate to have the man known as “the other Oracle of Omaha” fly down for a two hour question and answer session.

To be called the other Oracle of Omaha is direct reference to the skill, intellect and accomplishment of Omaha native Warren Buffett—quite a compliment, indeed. How, exactly, does one share such rare comparison to, arguably, the greatest investor of all time? It is much more than just Midwestern geography. However, the fact that both men call Omaha home makes one wonder if there is something special in the water.

During college Weitz abandoned a variety of different trading strategies after reading Ben Graham’s book The Intelligent Investor. Graham is considered the “father of value investing.” Not only was he a great investor and author, but he also became Warren Buffett’s mentor and employer. Buffett has similar praise for the 1949 book.

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