This article is excerpted from a letter authored by Samer Hakoura, principal at Alphyn Capital Management, based in New York.

WANdisco (UK: WAND) is set for meaningful revenue inflection in 2020 due to the recent signing of a first-party integrated engineered cloud solution with Microsoft Azure, combined with partnerships with Databricks and Neudesic who are key cloud vendors on the Azure platform.

Databricks is a provider of cloud-based analytics with a $6 billion private market value, and investments from a who’s who list of VCs as well as Microsoft. Databricks increased revenue by a factor of six and gained 5,000 customers within two years of establishing Azure Databricks as a first-party native service on Microsoft’s cloud. It achieved this with access to only a small fraction of customer data, given the difficulties of migrating large mission-critical live data sets to the cloud.

WANdisco is an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) software company with a patent-protected method to migrate very large live datasets and keep geographically dispersed servers continuously synchronized, with guaranteed consistency, availability, and no business disruption. Microsoft has now co-engineered a first-party integration with WANdisco and is sponsoring a joint Azure-Databricks-WANdisco-Neudesic campaign directed at approximately 1,000 customers specifically to promote migration and cloud analytics.

The potential implications for WANdisco are significant. Run-rate revenues are approximately £36 million, with a credible path to over £100 million within the next two years and £300+ million beyond that, at which point the company will generate 50% operating margins. As revenue inflects, WANdisco will benefit from impressive operational leverage given its 90%+ gross margins and largely fixed costs due to a royalty-based recurring revenue business model.

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