This article is excerpted from a letter by MOI Global instructor Rudi van Niekerk, founder and principal manager of Desert Lion Capital in Cape Town, South Africa.

Each of us holds our own unique image of what it means to be a good spouse, good parent, good person, and good investor… as it should be. Here, I want to dwell on my definition of a great investor.

What is that image that I’m holding in my mind? What am I aspiring to? I’m not in the habit of wasting time – not yours and not mine – so I wouldn’t expand upon this topic if I didn’t think it warranted meditation.

Desert Lion has a one-man investment committee, which we view as one of our structural advantages. If I were considering whether it is a good idea to invest in Desert Lion, my focus would be very much on the paramount question of what this one-man believes it takes to be a “great investor”.

Forget the pitch decks. The next few paragraphs could constitute 80% of your decision-making process and due diligence. View it as a negative filter. You might agree with what I say. But if there is anything in here that you do not agree with, better to move on. Job done.

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