Peter Lupoff presented his in-depth investment thesis on Wide Moats and Castles, Tornadoes and Trailer Parks at Wide-Moat Investing Summit 2016.

About the instructor:

Peter Lupoff is the founder and Chief Investment Officer of Tiburon Capital Management, LLC. He is Co-Portfolio Manager of the Tiburon Event-Driven strategies and funds, including the mutual fund, Balter Event-Driven Fund (“BEVIX”). Mr. Lupoff has run event-driven, credit and distressed investment portfolios as Portfolio Manager for Millennium Management, LLC, Robeco Weiss Peck + Greer and MJ Whitman, LLC. Funds Mr. Lupoff have managed or co-managed have achieved awards such as GAIM’s Top Performing Emerging Distressed Manager, MARHedge’s Event-Driven Manager and an Institutional Investor nomination as Hedge Fund House of the Year. Mr. Lupoff’s BRACE methodology, is a unique and differentiating investment protocol, coupling a deep value sensibility learned when a partner of famed value investor, Marty Whitman, with Lupoff’s own game theory/probabilistic weighting of events, and risk management learned from portfolio management with Izzy Englander’s Millennium Management. Mr. Lupoff is a frequent speaker and writing regarding his investment philosophies and is a regular Federal Reserve Bank Discussant and consultant on shocks and illiquid markets.

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