In an episode of The Zurich Project Podcast, presented by MOI Global, Chip Russell discusses the ongoing move toward an economy with a lower carbon footprint. Chip talks about the key trends he sees and how Massif Capital is investing amid this transition.

Chip Russell is a Managing Partner of Massif Capital, LLC and has nearly a decade of experience as both a consultant and operations manager within the world of energy. Chip’s expertise covers a wide range of topics including asset valuation, risk analysis, and global electricity markets. Prior to joining Massif Capital, Chip was the Director of Business Development at Eos Energy Storage, responsible for leading various corporate strategy and international expansion opportunities. He received a B.A. from Bates College and a Masters in Environmental Management with a concentration in energy systems from Duke University. Chip’s research has been published in Barron’s, and he is a sought-after thought leader within the emerging industrial battery space.

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