On this page, we gather resources related to the impact of coronavirus on business and investing. We are enabling comments on this page so you may contribute if you come across interesting links.

MOI Global is hosting an online conference, Intelligent Investing in Crisis Mode, from March 16 thru March 31. The goal is to try to make sense of the current moment in history. We will seek the wisdom, insights, and ideas of Howard Marks, Bob Robotti, Tom Russo, Ed Wachenheim, Amit Wadhwaney, and other great investors.

Resources, links, and updates:

Johns Hopkins has a global map of coronavirus cases. Keep in mind those are confirmed cases only, i.e., where a test was available. Furthermore, in our humble opinion, certain countries cannot be trusted with their official data.

French health minister recommends against using anti-inflammatory drugs (e.g., ibuprofen) and suggests using acetaminophen/paracetamol (e.g., Tylenol) in case of fever. We clearly have a lot to learn about this virus still.

Li Lu of Himalaya Capital hosted a call on March 13 between three leading COVID-19 experts from China to share their experiences fighting the virus over the past two months. Watch the video and access related resources. (h/t Shai Dardashti, Sanjay Voleti)

Browse beaten-down stocks: 52-week lows, three-year lows, all-time lows

A thread by Harvard Professor David Sinclair on what you need to know, and his view on why it’s so lethal, whether it’s evolving, why it strikes older people, and what medicines seem to work.

It did not have to come to this. Bill Gates warned about the lack of preparedness in a TED talk as early as 2015. Also, watch this prescient interview with Bill Gates. Why is society so bad at preparing for potentially devastating problems, and why do we not pay more attention to people like Bill Gates, who are smart, resourceful, and are working to improve the lot of humanity?

Carl Icahn is shorting commercial real estate (h/t Sanjay Voleti)