Gui Costin discussed his book, Millennials Are Not Aliens: …but they are 80 Million Americans Who Are Changing How We Buy, Sell, Vacation, Invest, and Just About Everything Else, at MOI Global’s Meet-the-Author Summer Forum 2019. Gui is Chief Executive Officer of Dakota Funds.

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About the book:

Gui Costin wrote Millennials Are Not Aliens: But They Are 80 Million people Who Are Changing The Way We Buy, Sell, Vacation, Travel, Invest and Much, Much More to provide insight into the Millennial generation and how their habits differ from those of the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers. You’ll learn everything about how Millennials habits have reshaped the business and social landscape. Baby Boomers and GenXers tend to mimic many of the consumption behaviors of Millennials, but they do not embody their content creation behaviors. Content drives most purchasing decisions today and the ability to create content about your products, services and your organization is at the heart of what is driving growth today.

About the author:

Gui Costin is the founder of Dakota Funds Group, a 3rd Party Marketing firm, and Stage Investor Network (, a mobile platform for investment manager digital content.

In 2006 Gui founded Dakota Funds Group to provide sales and marketing services to boutique investment firms. Since that time Dakota has grown to 10 people and has raised ~$20 billion for 15 different investment firms. The one thing Gui is most proud of is his team: “Without the longstanding, extraordinary people we have at Dakota, we’d be a fraction of our current selves. It’s all about the people you have on your team and how you treat them.”

In 2016, the team at Dakota began building a mobile platform for investment management firms to post their digital content for due diligence analysts to consume anytime, anywhere. The trend of digital, mobile and self-service content is massively evident in our society. Dakota has lived a lifetime of selling investments “door-to-door” and felt the investment business needed to evolve and start to create content for professional investors where they could initially learn a lot about a strategy without having to talk to someone, get instant updates on their portfolio investments and make it accessible anytime, anywhere.

Gui is a graduate of the University of Virginia and lives in Bryn Mawr, PA with his wife, three kids and three dogs.