Henrik Andersson serves as Fund Manager at Didner & Gerge.

William Thorndike has done the world of skilled but less-than-flamboyant-CEOs and long-term investors alike a massive favour. Via eight years of painstaking research in collaboration with Harvard Business School students – one year per CEO/company studied – Thorndike has written a reference book for measuring and identifying outstanding CEOs. The simple approach behind the book is both its beauty and beast; by screening for U.S.-based managers whose 1) total shareholder return was higher than that of the poster-boy of great CEOs, Jack Welch (GE) and 2) did it over a longer time frame. This dual herculean demand of 20,9 per cent annually over a minimum of twenty years weeded out all but eight CEOs. The Outsiders bring you the stories, common traits and lessons from these truly outstanding leaders.

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