Last month I had the pleasure of hosting a group of MOI Global members in St. Moritz, Switzerland for the inaugural edition of Ideaweek, an opportunity to share and learn in an inspiring Swiss mountain setting. Here is how Ghana-based member Abdallah Toutoungi summed up his experience:

There’s something to be said about the caliber of influencers present in St. Moritz. The organic conversations allow for deep reflection on ideas and intimate discussions about business, life, and wisdom. Essentially, as John put it emulating Munger, “We try to operate in a seamless web of deserved trust and be careful whom we trust.” Although that might be the ultimate goal, MOI Global has been able to ‘carve the mountains’ to create an environment fertile for exceptional people to have candid conversations where you can understand the significance of the Chinese proverb, “A single conversation with a wise person is worth a month’s study of books.”

Time disappears behind the mountains and the conversation takes its place, breakfasts merge with lunches, and lunches with afternoon talks, and afternoon talks with dinners. Awaiting the morning, the night becomes too long and the morning can’t come fast enough to continue the conversations. These conversations span subjects broad and deep, from specific investments to best practices to operating a business to personal anecdotes and challenges.

Ideaweek was a resounding success, and we are already planning the 2019 edition. Invitations to selected members of MOI Global will go out in the near future. I hope you will consider joining us—there really is no better way to learn and form new friendships than in a relaxed, informal atmosphere, while engaged in winter activities and surrounded by like-minded people with a desire to grow as investors.

I am pleased to include impressions from Ideaweek 2018 in this issue of The Manual of Ideas.

In January we hosted Best Ideas 2018, the sixth annual edition of this fully online conference. The latest edition featured more than one hundred instructors from the MOI Global community, providing plenty “food for thought” and ideas for further research.

In this issue, we feature transcripts of some of the most enlightening sessions. We do not claim comprehensiveness, as many sessions that are not included in this issue also contain terrific insights and ideas. Explore Best Ideas 2018 in detail at

The sixth annual edition of Asian Investing Summit is upon us, and you are cordially invited as an MOI Global member! This fully online conference, to be held on Thursday and Friday, April 5-6, will feature the best ideas of more than thirty instructors from the MOI Global community, all of whom share a value-oriented investment philosophy and possess deep expertise in investing in Asia.

In the past, Asian Investing Summit and the other online conferences hosted by MOI Global were available to anyone purchasing a conference pass. Since last year, only members of MOI Global have access to these online summits. Access is not only exclusive to members but also fully complimentary.

Tune into the sessions at Asian Investing Summit 2018. You’ll enjoy LIVE access on April 5-6, followed by unlimited replay access.

I am excited to announce that we are accelerating efforts to create engagement and knowledge-sharing opportunities for members. On September 20, we will host the inaugural Latticework London gathering of intelligent investors, while on November 1, we will host The Frankfurt Conversation, a forum for learning and idea exchange. Member invitations will go out soon — I hope you’ll consider joining us!

Warm regards,

Chairman, MOI Global

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