Norb Vonnegut discussed his book, The Pell Heist, at MOI Global’s Meet-the-Author Summer Forum 2019. Norb made the case for how fiction can help us become better at investing by becoming better at evaluating people.

Norb serves as founder of Second Opinion Wealth Management.

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About the book:

Jack Legare’s the last person you’d enlist to recover five priceless paintings stolen twenty-five years ago. He can’t tell a Matisse from a Monet. He has no background in law enforcement. He’s going broke, and his inner circle thinks he’s an idiot for abandoning Wall Street to buy a money-pit marina.

But a former client knows Legare’s talents and woos him to join her quest to reclaim the missing masterpieces. He in turn recruits Helen Chan, a beautiful lawyer with a shadowy past and disregard for authority. The more they uncover, the uglier things get. Until, Jack and Helen know too much to live.

If you like underdogs who face overwhelming odds and “smart-talking characters” ensnared by “diabolically elegant business crimes,” which is how the New York Times describes Vonnegut’s thrillers… If you’re sick of waiting to find out who robbed the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum… Read this action-packed thriller from acclaimed author, Norb Vonnegut.

About the author:

Norb Vonnegut founded Second Opinion Wealth Management to level the playing field for investors. He has been advising families and writing about wealth management for over 25 years as a partner (former) on a Morgan Stanley advisory team with over $1 billion in AUM, industry commentator published by the Wall Street Journal and CFA Institute, and NYT-acclaimed author of several financial thrillers that take the mystery out of Wall Street.