Thomas Zweifel discussed his book, Strategy-In-Action: Marrying Planning, People and Performance, at MOI Global’s Meet-the-Author Summer Forum 2019. Thomas is a strategy and performance expert, board member and sparring partner for CEOs and leaders of Fortune 500 companies.

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About the book:

The award-winning Strategy-In-Action shows how companies ended the long-standing divorce between planners and implementers. One saved $200m from people power, another made €74m from innovation.

Zweifel, strategy & performance expert and award-winning author, and Borey, CEO and turnaround guru, use their experience at Fortune 500 companies and SMEs, UN/government agencies and the military to offer a turn-key methodology that yields quick wins and stands the test of time.

CEOs, senior managers and strategists will find a systematic 7-step roadmap:

* 11 differences of Strategy-In-Action: a checklist for your dynamic strategy, pp32-33.
* 6 ways to move from silos to alignment among multiple stakeholders, pp42-53.
* How to overcome pushback or indifference–and maximize buy-in–by giving voice to dissenters without losing control, pp54-57.
* 4 powerful questions for a shared understanding of the whole–including best practices and checklists, pp58-59.
* How to get intelligence from far-flung locations less invested in the status quo and more open to innovation, pp60-61.
* 3 proven tools to align on a strategic intent as magnet for action and filter for operational decisions, pp77-80.
* 7 steps for building a dynamic strategy roadmap back from the future, pp34-36, with examples (even client flipcharts, of course anonymous).
* The shocking truth about metrics. How to drive execution from a single dashboard with 5 KPIs, pp99-104.
* How to foster a leadership mindset. As Peter Drucker said, culture eats strategy for breakfast. Eye-opening use cases, pp131-142.
* 6 rules for getting quick wins, screening out losers and getting feedback from the action. Actionable cases, pp146-157.
* … and finally, How to control the momentum. Use the Worksheet on p197 to drive the whole process with ease and position yourself as a trusted strategy guru.

About the author:

Thomas Zweifel is a strategy & performance expert, board member & sparring partner for CEOs & leaders of Fortune 500 companies. He is the ex-CEO of Swiss Consulting Group, named “”Fast Company”” by Fast Company magazine. Since 1984 he has coached clients on 4 continents to open strategic frontiers and meet business imperatives. An authority on integrating planning, people and performance, he helps clients ask the right questions, confront taboos, build strategy alignment, and boost productivity. Ultimately his specialty is unleashing the human spirit in organizations—without unnecessary blah-blah, impractical training programs, or false dependencies on high-priced consultants.

Award-winning author of 8 books, e.g. Communicate or Die; Culture Clash 2.0; iCoach; The Rabbi and the CEO (with Aaron Raskin); and Strategy-In-Action (with Ed Borey). Featured on ABC, Bloomberg, CNN, SRF, Fast Company & Financial Times, and “”Top 100 Excellent Speakers”” 2016-17. Selected corporate clients: Airbus, Banana Republic, Citibank, ConocoPhillips, Credit Suisse, Danone, Dell, Deutsche Bank, DHL, Faurecia, Fiat, GE, GM, Goldman Sachs, Google, J&J, JPMorgan Chase, Medtronic, Nestlé, Novartis, P&G, Prudential, Roche, Sanofi, Siemens, Starbucks, Swiss Re, UBS, Unilever, Zurich. Selected other clients: Kazakhstan prime minister & cabinet, Swiss government agencies, UNDP, US State Department, US Air Force Academy, USMA West Point. Board member: Paramount Business Jets, Keren Hayesod World Executive, International Journal of Communication Research.

Actor & director at age 17-22, learnt key leadership skills: authenticity on stage, empathy, charisma, public speaking, co-leadership & improvisation. Ph.D. international political economy 2001, New York University. Since 2001 adjunct professor Columbia University, since 2004 visiting professor HSG (St. Gallen University).

In 1996 Thomas realized his dream of breaking 3 hours in the NYC Marathon, and in 1997 was recognized as “”fastest CEO in the NYC Marathon.